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Write an email message to a friend you haven't been in touch with for about ten years, telling her new about your life and your family. be sure to campare

how things were then and whats they are like now. be creative!
at least 100 words !


Hello buddy can I tell somenthing? Well, first I am married, after my wife is pregnant. Ocorred much things, how are you? There is a invitation, come to my house to count some news, not a big deal, a coffee maybe
     I am waiting for you
 P.S: bring your family, if you have.
  (It is a men, do not confuse)
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Hello my friend!

Hello my friend, where have you been long time no see. It's been ten years since we broke up right. You remember we had 12 neighbors we met because of a simple thing your bag was open, going to study in the same school, so I advise you and this i we went to school together and we began to talk, we talk about things in life like: what is your favorite baseball team, talked about the drawings on TV, girls who felt more beautiful among other things.  Times were so good. Today after 10 years, I'm studying computer Science College, lives in New York City on St. Francis Lewis at 59 with 9°. I am very well I'm not married yet, but I have a dating beautiful called CARRY MCQUENNY. You're invited to come to my house, count as it was and as it is being their long life these 10 years. Let's catch up. P.S. your best friend RAYMISON CASTRO.
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