Forme a frase no present continuos.

a) We / go to the cinema later

b) They / work now

c) You / not / walk

d) They / learn new things ?

e) We / not / win

f) They / not / bring a cake

g) They dog / not / play with a ball

h) You / meet your friend at four



A) we going to the cinema later.
B)they working now
C)you not walking
D)they learning new things
E)we don`t winning
F)they don`t bringing a cake
G)they dog don`t playing whit a ball
H)you meeting your friend at four.
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A- we are going to the cinema later
b- they are working now
c- you are not talking
d- are they learning new things?
e-we are not winging
f- they are not bringin a cake
g- the dog are not playing with a ball
h-you are meeting your friend at four