Complete as sentenças com Question tags adequadamente:
a) The policemen arrested two men at the park last night___________.
b) Your nose is big,_______________.
c) Her mouth isn't large,_______________.
d) Sleep well,______________.
e) Helen hasn't long hairs,______________.
f) The boy never smoke,_____________.
g) Let's go to the school,_______________.
h) The students are playing,______________.
i) We need a new computer,_______________.
j) You Know school's new address,_______________.



A) ...don't they arrested? 
b) ...isn't?
c) is it?
d)did sleep?
e) ..hasn't?
f) did he smoke? 
g) don't we go?
h)..they didn't?
i) don't we need?
j) don't  you know? 
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