Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use the Past Progressive/Present Continuous.

Watch the punctuation and form sentences or questions.
Example: ____ she _______ home? (to walk)
Answer: Was she walking home?

1) She Resposta the lunch basket. (to pack)
2) I Resposta . (not/to whisper)
3) Resposta he Resposta to help? (to try)
4) The men Resposta at the street corner. (not/to fight)
5) Frank Resposta the grass. (to cut)
6) Resposta you Resposta during the last lesson? (to yawn)
7) They Resposta stickers. (to swap)
8) The guest Resposta the whole evening. (to dance)
9) We Resposta in the tree house. (not/to hide)
10) Resposta it Resposta dark? (to get)



1) She was packing the lunch basket.
2) I wasn't whispering.
3) Was he trying to help?
4) The men wasn't fighting at the street corner.
5) Frank was cutting the grass.
6) Was you yawning during the last lesson?
7) They were swapping stickers.
8) The guest was dancing the hole evening.
9)We weren't hiding in the tree house.
10) Was it getting dark?
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