Eu viajarei amanhã – I will travel tomorrow
e negativo= I will not travel tomorrow
Ela encontrará a família no próximo Natal – She will meet her family next Christmas
negativo=She will not meet her family next christmas
Nós sairemos juntas na próxima quarta – We will go out together next Wednesday
negativo=we will no go out toghether next wednesday

7 4 7
1) This is will be perhaps one of the luckiest years of Aries life.
2) Taurus wont feel so hopeful at the beggining of the year
3)Germini wont have a purpose and project for this year
4)Cancer will find that long-term fiends are cominig together harmoniously.
5) Leo will be careful to don1t misfire.
6) Will be a great day to Virgo to take control.
7)Libra wont need to change your way or who you are.
8)Scorpio will feel agresive.
9)Sagittarius wont be judment today
10) Capricorn will have to examinate your friends
11)This wont be a good day to sit and wait for fortune, Aquarius
12) Today, pisces will have to be ready for action.

4 4 4