My wife and I worked a lot last year.
Minha esposa e eu trabalhamos muito no ano passado.

They lived abroad for ten months.
Eles moraram no exterior durante dez meses.

The dog ate all the food in the box.
O cahorro comeu toda a comida na caixa.

I went to the store last week.
Eu fui à loja na semana passada.

My family didn't see what happened.
Minha família não viu o que aconteceu.

The boy didn't wait until 12:00.
O menino não esperou até 12:00.

We didn't have any water to drink.
Nós não tínhamos nenhuma água para beber.

Did you watch the movie?
Você assistiu o filme?

Did he help you?
Ele te ajudou?

Did the teachers give the students the test?
Os professores deram a prova aos alunos?
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The printer was bronken 
You were lazy. 
She held him. 
Lucy was busy
The teacher was tired
The song was sang by him
she typed really fast
Lucy worked for Tasha for 2 years
I had no money to spend on that thing
 Many people saw her pictures