Complete As Sentenças Abaixo Usando O Past Continuous ou o Simple Past Dos Verbos Entre Parênteses.
1.He_________ (To Bleed) When he ________ ( to come) to hospital .
2. As The Teachers ________ (to explain) the subjects ,I ______ (to feeel) more secure about them.
3.while they _______ (to clean) the windows,you ________ (to water) the garden
4. it ______ (to get) dark when it _________ (to start) to rain.
5 when we __________(to live) in ohio, my father _______(to haver) a small business there.



1.He was bleeding when he came to hospital .
2. As The Teachers  were explaining the subjects ,I felt more secure about them.

3- were cleaning/watered
4-was getting/started
5-were living /had
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