Complete As Senteças abaixo usando o simple past ou o past perfect dos verbos entre parênteses.
1.The merchant _______ (to become) a millionaire before he ______(to complete) 36 years old.
2.After Heinrich _______(to read) the Iliad,he _______ (to go) to Turkey.
3. She didn't leave his house until She _______ (to receive) her money.
4.Clinical tests ______(to show) that the disease _______(to spread) through his internal organs.
5. After the Americans ________ (to destroy) Hiroshima,they_______(to drop) another atomic bomb on Nagasaki.



1 had became/ Completed
2 had read / went
3 received
4 had showed/ spreaded
5 had destroyed/ dropped

1 4 1
1- Became, completed 
2- Has read, has gone
3- received
4- Showed, spread
5- detroyed, droped