Complete the sentences with a superlative:
a)it was a very happy was-------------------------- of,ylife
b)it's was a's--------------------------------I'veseen
c)it's was a was-----------------------in mylife
d)it was a was--------------------------------oftheyear
e)she's a popular singer.she's--------------------------------in the country
f)he's a veryboringperson.he's--------------------------------I know
g)thishouseisvery is----------------------------------I'velived in
h)mycousinisverytall.he is-----------------------------------I have
ji)laura is a verypretty girl.sheis-----------------------------I know



 a) the happiest day
 b) the best filme that
 c) the worst mistake
 d) coldest day
 e) the most popular singer
 f) the most boring person
 g) the biggest house that
 h) the taller cousin that
 j) prettier girl that
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Happpy brthday two you happy birthday two you