Write the sentences in the correctorder:


choose the correctanswer:
a)who is (shorterthan)/(theshortest) person in your family?
b)who is (more independentthan)/(themostindependente)persony you know?
c)the sesofas are (more comfortablethan)/(themostcomfortable) ours?
d)my btother is (tallerthan)/(thetallest) in the class.
e)is jason's dog (olderthan)/(theoldest)yours?
f)who is( thebest)/(betterthan) singer in the world?
g)we are (youngerthan)/(theyoungest) the restofthe class.
h)my hairis (thestrightest)/(strighter than) your hair.
i)he is (more popular)/(themost popular) singer in the world.

complete using the correct formof the adjective in brackets.

a) these trousers are ---------------------------------(confortable) than those jeans
b)sheis --------------------------------------(happy) now than hewaslast year
c)you are the ---------------------------------(pretty) girl in class
d)mygrandmais ---------------------------(old) thanmygrandpa
e)the red dressis the ---------------------(attractive) in the shop
f)I alwaystellthe -----------------------------(fun) jokes
g)your hairis --------------------------(curly) thanmyhair
h)myhairis ----------------------------(short) than yours



A) John has got new light trousers
.b) Mary like bigger clothes.
c) Rick is wearing an expensive coat.
d) Carol has got the shortest scarf.
e) The student is the tallest.
f) Mary was the most popular actress.
g) He was the best footballer.
h) Mary plays better than you.
i) Your father is stronger than mine.

a) the shortest.
b) most independent.
c) more confortable than.
d) the tallest.
e) older than.
f) the best.
g) younger than.
h) straighter than.
i) the most popular.

a) more confortable than.
b) happier.
c) prettier.
d) older.
e) most attractive.
f) funniest.
g) curlier.
h) shorter.
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a)trousers/john/got/has/new/light = John has got new light trousers.
b)mary/clothes/likes/bigger = Mary like bigger clothes.
c)an/expensive/rick/wearing/coat/is = Rick is wearing an expensive coat.
d)the/carol/has/scarf/got/shortes = Carol has got the shortest scarf.
e)the/studen/the/tallest/is = The student is the tallest.
f)actress/mary/the/was/popular/most = Mary was the most popular actress.
g)he/the/was/footballer/best = He was the best footballer.
h)plays/tjan/better/you/mary = Mary plays better than you.
i)father/is/your/than/stronger/mine = Your father is stronger than mine.

a)who is (shorterthan)/(theshortest) person in your family? the shortest.
b)who is (more independentthan)/(themostindependente)persony you know? most independent.
c)the sesofas are (more comfortablethan)/(themostcomfortable) ours? more confortable than.
d)my btother is (tallerthan)/(thetallest) in the class? the tallest.
e)is jason's dog (olderthan)/(theoldest)yours? older than.
f)who is( the best)/(betterthan) singer in the world? the best.
g)we are (younger than)/(the youngest) the restofthe class? younger than.
h)my hairis (thestrightest)/(strighter than) your hair? straighter than.
i)he is (more popular)/(themost popular) singer in the world?  the most popular.

a) these trousers are  more (confortable) than those jeans
b)she is happier (happy) now than he was last year 
c)you are the prettier (pretty) girl in class
d)mygrandmais oldiest(old) than my grandpa
e)the red dressis the most attractive (attractive) in the shop
 f)I always tell the funniest (fun) jokes 
 g)your hairs curlier (curly) than my hair
h)my hairs shorter (short) than yours
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