Complete com o pronome reflexive adequado:
a)The principal _____talked to us.

b)In this book the author writes without modesty about _____.

c) Did you_____ make this cake?

d) It was very windy and the window opened by _____.

d) Today the Qeen_____ will deliver a speech.

e) Anne cut _____with the scissors.

f) We _____saw the accident.

g) Peter, Susan and Fredy _____talked with the doctor.

h) I_____will knit a sweater for Anita.

i) They bought _____a farm.

j) The soldier shot _____with his rifle.

k) The girl hurt _____when she fell.

l) I_____changed the tire.

m) The horse hurt_____ in the fence.

n) The girl will make-up_____in five minutes.

o) The boy made by_____a house for the dog.



  • Usuário do Brainly
A) himself
b) himself
c) yourself
d) itself
e) herself
f) ourselves
g) themselves
h) myself
i) themselves
j) himself
k) herself
l) myself
m) itself
n) herself
o) himself.

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