Rewrite the sentences below in the passive voice omitting the agent whenever possible.

1- They are writing constitution of Iraq.
2- Doctors will operate on the man who suffered the terrorist attack.
3- Leaders signed the save the planet document at the summit.
4- People consider the leaders accountable for their votes.
5- They wiil always accept internacional aid.
6- Workers haven't accepted the union's proposal for more working hours.
7- Teachers will give extra classes for students that got C in their exams.
8- Governors will pass a law to protect the rainforest.

Por favor me ajudem, se puder traduzir , irei agradecer muitoooooooooo.



1- Constitution of Iraq is being written.
2- The man who suffered terrorist attack will be operate.
3- The save planet document was signed at the summit.
4- The leaders is consider accountable for their votes.
5- International aid will be always accepted.
6- The union's proposal for more working hours have not been accepted.
7- Students that got C in their exams will be given extra classes.
8- A law to protect the rainforest will be passed by the Governors.

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