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Nao sei se ta certo, mas vo tentar

I saw a movie yesterday
I did my homework
I played with my dog
I washed my clothes
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We wad lunch at home yesterday.
my present traveled to south africa two years ago, they enjoyed it a lot.
what did you do last night? did you stay at home?
i go up at 7, washed my face, got dressed, had breakfast and rushed to the office.
after i had watered the plants, it started rainning.
jane went to the mall after she had cleaned the room.
i wish i had a car.
if only you didnt snore!
she talks to me as if (as thought) she were my mother.
i would rather you told me whole truth.
its (high) time you had a haircut.
i wish i were more fluent in english.
if i were at home now, i would be sleeping.
if they had more money, they would rebuild their house.
they were absent from class yesterday.
they didnt sleep.
we never drank alcohol.
but yesterday he drank some coffee.
did you go to school yesterday.
i was very happy to see her again.
i didnt have breakfast
did you live downtown?
they bought the newspaper in a kiosk near their house.
where did you keep your documents?
she always laughed at my jokes.
he liked horror films.
did marina dance well?
but yesterday he took the bus.

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