Diga o tempo verbal das frases em destaque.

1- How long HAD you BEEN WAITING to get on the bus?
2- i HAD never SEN such a beautiful beach before I went to Kauai
3- i LIVED in brazil for two years
4- i WAS STUDYING while he was making dinner.
5- mike wanted to sit down because he HAD BEEN STANDING all day at work.
6- she HAD BEEN WORKING at that company for three before us
7- they SAT at the beach all day
8- tony knew istanbul so well because he HAD VISITED the city several times
9- WERE you LISTENING while he was talking?
10- whille ellen was reading, tim WAS WATCHING the television



A melhor resposta!
1- past perfect continuous
2- past perfect
3- simple past
4-past continuous
5- past perfect continuous
6- past perfect continuous
7- simple past
8-past perfect
9- past continuous
10- past continuous
2 5 2