Desculpa, cara... Eu não li o enunciado direito.
1- Af: He was an awesome singer.
Neg: He wasn't an awesome singer.
Inter: Was he an awesome singer?
2- Af: I was here yesterday.
Neg: I wasn't here yesterday.
Inter: Was I here yesterday?
3- Af: They were totally mad at you.
Neg: They weren't mad at you.
Inter: Were they mad at you?
4- Neg: Miley wasn't that bad, when she was younger.
Af: Miley was actually cute.
Inter: Wasn't she cute?
5- Af: Gabriel is the best.
Neg: Gabriel isn't the best, when it comes to soccer.
Int: Is Gabs the best?
6- Af: We were so short.
Neg: We weren't so short.
Inter: Were we so short?
7-Af: My agenda was right here!
Neg: Your agenda wasn't right here!
Inter: So where was my agenda?
8- Af: We were the kings and queens of promise.
Neg: We weren't the kings and queens of promise.
Inter: Were we  the kings and queens of promise?
9- Af: Rony was a spiders' lover. (hahahah não)
Neg: Rony wasn't a spiders' lover.
Int: Was Rony a spiders' lover?
10- Af: We were young
Neg: We weren't young
Int: Were we young?
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