Hello, Susan.
How are you? News?
Not well... I had a car accident.
No way! Are you OK? When was it?
One month ago. I went to the hospital, and the doctor said I only broke my arm.
Oh, God! Thats good... I mean, it could be worst.
Yeah, I know. Tell me about you, have you ever had some experience like that?
Yes. One time I sprained my ankle while I was cleaning the floor.
Oh, you dont tell me! I've burned my finger twice only this year!
So you like cooking!
Uhum. My favorite dish is shrimp. 
Really? My parents have a shrimp store.
Whats the name? I always buy at the...
Marco and Shally Shrimp, do you know?
Its the same store!
No way!!! Ha-ha.
I love buying in your parents store. They are so good!
Thats why I am who I am!
That was funny, hilarius!!!
Hm, oh, its 3:00p.m., gotta go to a date. See you later!
Ok! Goodbye. Hm... Only asking you... how it is your dog?
He's great!
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Acho que deu mais.
Deu 18, pera.
Irei fazer mais 6.
okokokkok aguardo
nao entendi muito bem esse final mais tudo bem me ajudou bastante vlw !