There was a dog here.
There was a party in John’ house last week.
There was an accident at Marechal Street on last Sunday.
There was a girl outside.
There was a book on the TV.
There was a boy crying.
There was a play soccer here.
There was a orange on the table.
There were a large number of people looking at us.
There were no pencils on the desk.
A decade ago, there were no labels on packages boasting.
There were many things to do at the circo
There were a lot of students there.
There were two books on the table
There were no telephones there
There was a lighting storm yesterday.
There was a knife on the table
There was a child running in the street
There was a pencil here
There was a car on the street
There was someone on the phone
There was a person on the sidewalk
There was milk in the fridge
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