Complete these dialogues with the verbs in the correct form
(1)What (your son/give) you for your birthdaynothing !he (forget)

(2)That's a nice pulloverWhere (you/buy)it?I(not buy)it .It(be) a present.

(3)I(try) to call you yesterday but you (not be) at work.No,i(stay) at home because i (feel)ill.

(4)(you/have)a good weekend?Lovely,thanks.We (have) visitors on saturday and on sunday we (not do ) anything.

(5)What time (you/get) home last night?Late.We(leave)at midnight and (miss) the last bus.



1 - what did your son give / he Forgot
2 - did you buy it / I didn't buy it / it was a present.
3 - I tried to call / but yiu weren't at work / I stayed at home because I felt.
4 - Did you have a good / We Had visitors/ we didn't do anything.
5 - What time did you get home / We left at midnight and missed the last bus.

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