1- Write sentences in present perfect simple.

a) They / play / a football.

b) He / speak / English.

c) I / write / a poem.

d) We / not / wash / the car.

e) Nancy / not / meet / her / friends.

b) He is speak English.
I'm writing a poem
d) we aren't washing the car
e) Nancy isn't meeting with her friends


A) They have played a football.

b) He has spoken english.

c) I written a poem.

d) We haven't washed the car.

e) Nancy don't met her friends.

Espere ter ajudado! :D
Alí no no C é .. I have written a poem! :)
Na 'E' > Nancy haven't met her friends.
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A) They are playing football.
B) he is speaking English.
C) I'm writing a poem.
D) we aren't washing the car.
E) Nancy isn't meeting with her friends.