If I dance with him, He'll be happy/ He won't be happy if I don't dance with him/ Will he be happy if I dance with him?
  If I go to the hospital, I'll be better/ If I don't go to the hospital, I won't be better/ Will I be better if I go to the hospital?
  If you come with me, it'll be nice/ If you don't come with me, it won't be nice/ Will it be nice if you come with me?
  If my mother call, I'll have to go/ If my mother don't call, I won't have to go/ Will I have to go if my mother call?
  If you speak with them, she'll be angry/ She won't be angry if you speak with them/Will she be angry if you speak with them?
  If you eat, I'll eat too/ If you don't eat, I won't eat too/ Will I eat if you eat? (essa pergunta ficou estranha ._.)
  If you work tomorrow, I'll stay home/ If you don't work tomorrow, I won't stay home/ Will I stay home if you work tomorrow?
  If we go to the market, we'll buy milk/ If we don't go to the market, we won't buy milk/ Will we buy milk if we go to the market?
  If you study, you'll become smarter/ If you don't study, you won't become smarter/ Will you become smarter if you don't study?
  If I had some other phrase in my head, I'd write it/If I hadn't other phrase in my head, I won't write it/ Would I write other phrase if I had it in my head?  :l

que empenho... e-e