Como passar as seguintes frases para forma interrgativa:

you are a boy
Your father is from Brazil
Ronaldo and Neymar re soccer play ers

Kangora is from Australia .
We are good friends

Elephant is a big animal

I am your mother
Daiane is from Japao
We are from Mexico
Leonardo is twenty years old



Are you a boy?
Is your father from Brazil?
Are Ronaldo and Neymar soccer players?

Is Kangora from Australia?
Are we good friends?

Is Elephant a big animal?
Am I your mother?
Is Daiane from Japan?
Are we from Mexico?
Is Leonardo twenty years old?
1 1 1
You aren't a boy
your parents aren't from Brazil
Ronaldo and Neymar aren't soccer players
Kangora isn't from Australia
We aren't good friends
Elephant isn't a big animal
I am not your mother
Daiane isn't from Japan
We aren't from Mexico
Leonardo isn't twenty years old