A wolf waited for a girl 
A film directed by Spielberg 
He asked a question
 She knew the answer
 The second war ended in 1945
 Yesterday we walked
 They visited many places
 The Stevens lived in Italy for five years 
She saw some birds in the park 
He met some friends of mine 
They came by bus 
Tom went to England in 2005
Kelly taught him many things
She carried the bags 
The house was destroyed 
They tried to make a cake
He shopped a new car
They moved to New York 
It really happened 
Rained on the day of my birthday
The bird flew away 
She read only four pages 
They built a house
The boy did his homework 
He won the competition 
I lost my dog 
She gave me a ring 
I played with my sister yesterday
He planned his vacations 
I read two books this month
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