Reescreva as frases colocando o adverbio no lugar correto!

1. What do you do on Saturday mornings (usually)?
2. Nothing much. I sleep until noon (often).
3. Do you go bicycling? (ever)
4. How often do you play sports? (usually)
5. Will, I play tennis (twice a week)
6. What do you after class? (usually)
7. I go out with my classmates (about three times a week)
8. How often do you exercise ? (usually)



A melhor resposta!
What do you usually do on Saturdau mornings?
Nithing much. I often sleep until noon
Do you ever go bicycling?
How often do you usually play sports?
I'll play tennis twice a week
What do you usually do after class?
I go out about three times a week with my classmates
How often do you usually exercise?
2 5 2