Choose the right answer:

I don't think they _______ have started the class yet, it's only 6:25.

a) won't b) had c) will d) none of the above

2. By the time he's 25, he will have _________ from college.

a) graduate b) graduating c) both a and b d) graduated

3. In another five minutes, they will have ___________ gone for three hours.

a) be b)been c) being d) all of the above

4. I know he won't have ____________ anyone who is biased or cruel.

a) respecting b) respect c) to respect d) none of the above

5. The rules will have been set ___________ stone by now.
a) on b) as c) both a and b d) in

6. Do you think she will have _______________ true to her word?

a) held b) holded c) both a and b d) hold