My sister could be more helpless 
I could did that 
My father could did but he didn't do 
I could be romantic,but i am not 
He could be mine,but he is not 
I could die for Jesus 
She could be so generous if she wanted 
I could be cooless 
He could be sick 
She could be mine if her want 
1 4 1
I couldn't do this,sorry
nao botei as negativas desculpa
mas é a mesma coisa só que "couldn't"
I can go with you
I could eat this apple pie, but It's hot
I can't let you go alone
I couldn't have three blue cars
I may have failed but i have loved you from the start
I can help you, if you help me
I can't go now, It's raining
I could give you a black pen
I may not always love you
I can't buy that computer, It's so expensive
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