1-I am walking in a long dark tunnel

2-He is waiting for me.

3-He is not looking at me.

4-I am not waiting for the man

5-Are you having a nightmare?

6-Where is the man walking?

7-I am speaking to you guys right now.

8-My friend isn't working because he's a student.

9-The neighbour's dog is always barking.

10-It's always raining in England.

11-He isn't joining us for the football match tonight.

Pedro is doing the exercises.
Maria e Julia are running in the street.
Sara e Paulo are talking on internet.
Caio is waiting for you.
My dog isn't drinking water yet.
My mother is sleeping now call me back later.
Henrrique is playing on video game.
Luiza is asking him exercise.
Caio is reading my new book.
Roodson is connecting on my network.
Juliana is twitting on your new cellphone.
Sarah is watching TV on her room.

I hope you like it.