I was slim and beatiful. 
We were happy. 
You were my boyfriend. 
It was my dog... But it died. 
They were my favorite teachers. 
Yesterday I was singing "I Will Survive". 
My favorite movie was American Pie, now I don't know.... 
I was here. 
You were busy. 
He was a friend. 
She was a doctor. 
It was cold today. 
We were hungry. 
You were beautiful. 
They were asleep.

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vo ter q passalas para negativas e interrogativas vc me ajuda
They did not wash the car this weekend. 
We didn’t send e-mails to our parents. 
I didn’t see Jack at the party yesterday.
.Did Mary and Carol go to the mall last week?
Did Phillip buy his mother a gift? 
Did Amanda sing at the festival? 
Did John give you all this money?

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