1 ) I like to marry women ----- I can beat once in a while and ----- fight back" said a controversial American writer ----- marriages have ended up in divorce.
As lacunas devem ser preenchidas respectivamente por:
a) who - that - that
b)whom - who- that
c)who - whom - who's
d) that- whom- whose
e)whom- who- whose

2 ) "The bacteria that cause cholera are part of nature's system" Nessa frase, that pode ser substituido por ----- que se refere a palavra -----
a) whose - cholera
b)which - bacteria
c)whom- cholera
d)which - nature
e) who- system

3 ) 1 - He is the man whom killed your dog yesterday
2 - The table which leg you broke is not here.
3 - The woman whose son traveled to Italy is my cousin.

Constatamos que estao corretas:
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 1 e 2
e) todas as sentenças

4) complete com THAT, WHICH, WHOSE.
----- of the boys is your brother, the one ----- eyes green or ----- one at the corner?

5)Brian Abbs, .........................I met only once, is arriving tomorrow. His most famous book, ....................contains interesting ideas, is called Future Shock. In this book, Brian warns us if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Chose the correct sequence to complete the above paragraph:

a) whom, whose, which
b) whom, that, who
c) which, where, which
d) who, waht, whom
e) whom, which, which



1) b
2) e
3) a
4) de quem,dequem , o quem
5) d