1- Simple present, present perfect or present continuous?
a. I _______ my schoolbag yet [find - neg.]
b. This _____ my new pair of shoes; the most expensive shoes I _________ [be/ever buy]
c. she ___ on the sofa now. she ____ hard since 7 o' clock. [sleep/work]

2- Complete the blanks with possessive adjectives and pronouns + personal pronouns
a. we have a bike. It's ____ bike. It's _____. the bike belong to ______
b. they have a car. It's _____ car. It's ___ the car belongs to ____
c. henry has many CDs. They are ______ Cds they are ____ the Cds belong to ______
d. Lili has beautiful T-shirts. They are __ T-shirts. They are ________ The T-shirts belong to________

4- Simple present or simple future?
a. If Bob ___ to go, he ________ you know [decide/let]
b. Luzia ____ to the teacher if the boys _____ making fun of her [talk/keep]
c. If you ______, we _________have a cup of coffe at the nearest coffe sho [want/can]



1.a) Haven't
b) Is/ ever bought
c) is sleeping / was working (não tenho muita certeza quanto a essa letra.)

2.a) Our / Ours / Us
b) Their / Their/ Them
c) His / His / Him
d) Her / Hers/ Her

4. a) decides/ will let
b) will talk / keep
c) want / can
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