I will be a journalist
I will have a yellow cellphone
I will have lunch with my sister  tomorow
I will do my homework when Jack arrive
I will stay till i finish the test
I will always live you
I will change my hair collor
I will dance all kinds of music 
I will take you home as soon as Kate come down
I will be happy forever
I will get to the train in time 
I will stop being selfish
I will start eating vegetables
I will cry if I don´t pass the test 
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1- I will remember you
2- i will give you a ring when i get home
3- i will call you when i get home
4- i will make some writting tonight
5- i will answer the phone
6- i will take an umbrella in case it rains
7- i will go there
8- i will have a mechanic fix my car today
9- i will get my brother to upgrade my computer
10- i will never forget watching my son give his first steps.
11- the king will be visiting Norway at the end of the month.
12- it will rain
13- it will be windy tomorrow
14- i will have some apple pie for desert
15- i will carry the suitcase if you like
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