1- Simple present, present perfect or present continuous?
a. I _______ my schoolbag yet [find - neg.]
b. This _____ my new pair of shoes; the most expensive shoes I _________ [be/ever buy]
c. she ___ on the sofa now. she ____ hard since 7 o' clock. [sleep/work]

2- Complete the blanks with possessive adjectives and pronouns + personal pronouns
a. we have a bike. It's ____ bike. It's _____. the bike belong to ______
b. they have a car. It's _____ car. It's ___ the car belongs to ____
c. henry has many CDs. They are ______ Cds they are ____ the Cds belong to ______
d. Lili has beautiful T-shirts. They are __ T-shirts. They are ________ The T-shirts belong to________

3- Change to passive voice
a) they have made radical change
b) He will spend the minimal necessary in the house reconstruction
c) Jorge Amado wrote several good novels
d) the students are cleaning the classroom

4- Simple present or simple future?
a. If Bob ___ to go, he ________ you know [decide/let]
b. Luzia ____ to the teacher if the boys _____ making fun of her [talk/keep]
c. If you ______, we _________have a cup of coffe at the nearest coffe sho [want/can]



1. a) haven't find
b) is /  ever bought
c) is sleeping / was working (não tenho muita certeza quanto a essa letra)

2. a) My / mine / me
b) Their / Their / Them
c) His / His / Him
d) Her/ Hers/ He

3. a) A radical change has been made (by them).
b) The minimal necessary will be spent in the house construction (by him).
c) Several good novels has been written (by Jorge Amado)
d) The classroom is being cleaned (by the students).

4.a) decides/ will let
b) will talk/ keep
c) want / can
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