I will need money tomorrow

She will study Math

She will have time after dinner.

We will go to the movies.

My mother will have a baby.

I  will see my friend tomorrow.

I will travel next month.

I will eat a chicken.

He will drink a milk shake.

My father will ride a bike tomorrow.

She will wearing a new dress.

I will be invited to the party.

Peter will watch a new movie.

Gracy will drink a juice.

I will win a new bike.

I will bring your shirt tomorrow.
We will pass the test.
She will get married.
He will be a teacher.
They will try out for college.
I will sleep later.
You will have dinner at night. 
He will buy a new pet next week.
She will travel tomorrow.
We will buy food later. 
I will be happy. 
They will win the fight. 
He will throw a party.
Sarah will be a lawyer.
Thomas will have a daughter.