pesse essa frases para forma interrgativa e negativa

Have you eve gone to new york

She had put the book on the table

Heha gane to Brazil to buy clothes

| have eaten my dinner

He has done his homework

Mike called jonh last bweeked

We didn' t know to write tha word

She thougho she wouldn' t leave that place

After a veey long time time ,they finelly met ench othor

After typing all these sentences filt tered

Have you eve been to Brazil ?

He' s been try to buy a blue ca for months .

| have seen the beauty and the beast many times

| Still haven' t found what l am looking for

| haver playea the piano all my life



You haven't even gone to new york.       Have you eve gone to new york ?   

She hasn't put the  book on the table    Had she put the  book on the table ?
Heha hasn't gone to Brazil to buy clothes    Have Heha goe to Brazil to buy clothes?

| haven't eaten my dinner                         Have i eaten my dinner ?

He hasn't done his homework            Has he done his homework ?

Mike called not jonh last bweeked    Have Mike called jonh last bweeked  ?
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