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Verbo TO HAVE em frases afirmativas:

I have three books.
You have a beautiful box.
She has a long hair.
He has brown eyes. 
It has curly hair.
We have funny friends.
They have to do it now.

Frases Interrogativas:

Do you have a car?
Does she have a little dog?
Do we have to go to the movies?

Frases negativas:

I don't have your phone number.
She doesn't have class today 
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I have a cat.
You have a car. 
He has a book.
She has a tv.
We have some oranges.
You have a beautiful book!
They have the new John Green's book!
I have a ugly face.
You have evil dogs.
We have food!

I don't have the book.
You don't have the disc.
He doesn't have a dog.
She doesn't have a cat.
I don't have a cow.
You don't have a car.
We don't have a monkey.
They don't have me.
They don't have you too.
The don't have anything.

Do you have a car?
Do they have a dog?
Does she have a monkey?
Does he have a frog?
Do I have a book?
Do you have some bananas?
Do we have a sword?
Does he have an army?
Does she have a dress?
Do I have my world?

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