Qual das alternativa esta correta?
a-Slavery ___ already ended by the time he was born(has/have/had)
b- he was mean to her __ purpose.(on/in/to)
c- my sister had already___ when I got into college(graduation/graduated/graduate)
d-the company has been very ______ this year(profitable/profit/profited)
e- I swan the wrong direction____accident(to/as/by)
f-The meeting had ____ resumedby the time I walked in(never/already/ever)
g-____ you go to the beauty parlor, you ____ look great tonight.(If/so)(will/ you)(if/will)
h-my friend is from France, and has a thick French____.(accent/appearence/ percent)
i- nobody is ___ attention to the important annoucement.(pay/paying/paid)
j- if you leave right now, you will have _____ of time.(plenty/pletiful/ plant)



  1- had
  2- on
  3- graduated
  4- profitable
  5- by
  6- ever
  7- if/so
  8- accent
  9- paying
10- plenty
1 5 1