There were a cat.
There were a girl in the beach.
He told me that there were no diferents between us.
There were a book on the table. 
There were a doll that I liked to play with.
There were a tiger in the circle.
There were a bunny in my bed.
There were no time to play.
There were no money to pay my bills.
There were no fun in the play house.
There were a house.
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Obrigada Laahalb me ajudou na tarefa de casa gatah!!
de nada =^w^=
There were a lot of flowers before you have cut-up them. 
When I Was sad, there were a lot of bad moments;
In the past there were a lot of wars. 
Your life would have been better if there were not drugs in it. 
There were a lot of money before this crisis moment. 
There were times we had it all. 
Why were there so many conflits between United States and other American countries? 
"There weren't much sand in my craw" - Isto é uma expressão muito usada nos Estados Unidos que em Portugues não tem muito sentido. 
When I was at Oporto City, there were a lot of beautiful boys there. (hehe)
Sometimes I ask me: There were peace in my world?