complete a sentença com Simple past , past continuous ou past perfect. Por favor, ponham somente as palavras pra mim.

1. Santos- Dumont_________ his 14-bis in 1906, three years after the Wright brothers___________ through the air for the first time. (build - move)

2. Amyr Klink _________ two months on the sea when he _____ thinking about the meaning of loneliness. (spend -start )

3. The sun ________whwn I woke up this morning (rise)

4. I _________ to Australia last year. It was my fist visit to Australia.

I ______ never_______ there before ( go -be)

5. I was in a restaurant in Sydney and I _______ that they _______ kangaroo burgers ( notice - eat)




1. built, had moved

2. spent, started

3. was rising

4. went, have never been

5. noticed, were eating