1) Qual é a forma correta?
a) If i went to Paris, I could visit to the louve.
b) If i had gone to Paris, I could have visited the louvre
c) If i go to Paris, I will visit the louvre.
d) todas

2)If you ....., he ...... answer the phone
a)call - will
b)called - will
c)had call - would
d)calls - will

3)She ..... if you ....... that
a) wouldn't have left - said
b) wouldn't have left - hadn't said
c) wouldn't have left - would say
d)will left - had said

4)Where ..... he .... now if you ...... him?
a)will be - didn't help
b)would be - hadn't helped
c)would been - didn't help
d)would have been - help

5)The bank ....... the check unless it had been endorsed.
a)would have cashed
b)wouldn't have cashed
c)hadn't cashed
d) would cash

6)If he ..... to work last night, he would have helped do the project.
a) didn't have
b)hadn't have
c) had had
d)hadn't had

7)I wouldn't mind going to the movies if I ........ it already
a) had seen
b)will have see
c)hadn't seen
d)didn't see



1) D
2) D
3) B
4) B
5) A
6) D
7) C

Um abraço
A questão numero 1 é a D, mas a letra A tem um erro ( I could visit the Louvre -sem o to)
E a questão 2, a resposta certa é a A
3. B
4. B
5.. A
6. D
7. C