50 pontos... Alguém faz um pequeno texto sobre " pollution is the most serious threat facing the modern world", "the death penalty should be used for all convicted murderers" OU "fast food is dangerous to peolple's health and should be benned completely"?



  Currently many murders are occurring, and we see it every day on TV news, people kill for anything, and often is the case in vain, I think they should suffer the same person in whom he murdered.   
  In today's world people do not have more peace, right out in the street because they do not know what might happen to you, even if you will go back home, people kill for anything, I believe that the sentence in which they receive is not enough, because often those who can pay and get out of jail as if nothing happened not.     
  I really think the death penalty should be used for all condemning murderers because killing a person who does not mind killing, two or even more.

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