Jane play(ed) bowling with us yesterday. 

She went home after that. 
Só sei essas duas aí ;) (ED)
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A melhor resposta!
Simple past é o passado simples. Verbos regulares são aqueles que recebem d, ed ou ied. Na negativa usa-se o didn't e na interrogativa o did (com o verbo sem ser flexionado)
We watched a great movie yesterday.
Did you see that boy?
I didn't did my homework.
You played with me last week.
Did you buy that book?
You didn't have to answer this question.
He danced with Sarah last Saturday.
Did she arrived early?
We didn't replied him.
She invited us to her party.

Aqui tem uma lista de verbos regulares em inglês, acho que pode te ajudar.

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