Não entendi muito bem sua frases.


Plural: There are

Singular,: There is


Se for perguntar usa se :Is there ou Are there


exemplo: Is there a bank next here?

 Are there some volcanos in Brasil


Negativa: There isn't e There aren't


There isn't any beach in BH

There aren't any volcanos in Brasil




There are many  manarchies in the word nyadaws


Is there a bank next here?

There isn't any volcano in Brasil


There are many parks in London


Are there many monarchies in the world now a days?

Not many.


Are there banks next here?

Yes, they are (they're) in the corner.


Are there volcanos in Brazil?

No, there are no volcanos in Brazil.


Are there many doublets?

Yes, there are many.


Yes, there are many parks in London.