1. Complete with the corret verb to be (am,are,is):
a. Lucy and I_______students.
b. Frank and I_______studying.
c. He and she_______twins.
d. I______brasilian.
e. It______cute.
f. Joseph and John________friends.
g. Jonnhy and she_______singers.
h. She_______a singer.
i. The birds________flying.
j. The boy_______single.
k. the girls_________dancing.
l. Mariah and I___________cool.
m. I and you_________speaking.
n. Rafael________a teacher.
o. Taiane and Iriane________our secretary.
p. Hellen, Clóvis and Solange___________English teachers.
q. Bruno and luiz_________happy.
r. Angela__________working now.
s. The teachers and I_________working.



A) are
b) are
c) are
d) am 
e) is
f) are
g) are
h) is 
i) is 
j) is 
k) is
l) are
m) are
n) is
o) are
p) are
q) are
r) is 

a. Lucy and I ARE students.
b. Frank and I ARE studying.
c. He and she ARE twins.
d. I AM brasilian.
e. It IS cute.
f. Joseph and John ARE friends.
g. Jonnhy and she ARE singers.
h. She IS a singer.
i. The birds IS flying.
j. The boy IS single.
k. The girls IS dancing.
l. Mariah and I ARE cool.
m. I and you ARE speaking.
n. Rafael IS a teacher.
o. Taiane and Iriane ARE our secretary.
p. Hellen, Clóvis and Solange ARE English teachers.
q. Bruno and Luiz ARE happy.
r. Angela IS working now.
s. The teachers and I ARE working.