Who is she?
What is he doing?
Which food do you prefer: chocolate cake or apple pie?
Where have you been?
Whose pencil case is this?
Why are you here?
When are you going home?
How are you today?

Só lembro dessas, mas há várias variantes do How:
How much does it cost?
How many people came yesterday?
How fast can you run?
How heavy is that statue?
How deep is that swimming pool?
How far is Rio de Janeiro from São Paulo?

Espero ter ajudado! Qualquer coisa, é só perguntar. 

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Higor, as respostas são:

- What
1°) What is her adress?
2°) What is your favorite color?
3°) What are you doing now? 

- How
4°) How are they?
5°) How called me?

- Which
6°) Which color do you prefer: pink or red?
7°) Which drink do you prefer: beer or coca?

- Where
8°) Where are you from?
9°) Where do you like to go?
10°) Where is she studying English now?

- Why
11°) Why is he doing here?
12°) Why are you eating candy at this time?

- When
13°) When is your birthday?
14°) When is she going to come back?

Espero ter ajudado, bjs.