Change the sentences to the Present Continuous Tense:The baby cries in the bedroom. _____________________________________________________________________Charles fishes in that river. _____________________________________________________________________The women walk on the street. _____________________________________________________________________Bob helps his parents . _____________________________________________________________________Sarah washes her T-shirt. _____________________________________________________________________My daughter tries the shoes. _____________________________________________________________________The cats sleep on the sofa._____________________________________________________________________ Jack takes the bus to school._____________________________________________________________________
That man dies on that house._____________________________________________
You look for the keys. ___________________________________________________________________The boys see the film. ___________________________________________________________________This article omits some facts about the crime. ___________________________________________________________________I show the pictures for you. ____________________________________________________________________Julie and I eat delicious cakes.____________________________________________________________________Mark carries the backpack to his girlfriend..____________________________________________________________________Bill listens to pop music. _____________________________________________________________________Mike sits near the door.



The baby is crying in the bedroom.

Charles is fishing in that river.

The woman is walking on the street.

Bob is helping his parents.

Sarah is washing her T-shirt

My daughter is trying the shoes.

The cats are sleeping on the sofa.

Jack is taking the bus to school.

That man is dying on that house.

You are looking for the keys.

The boys are seeing the film

This article is omitting some facts about the crime.

I am showing the pictures for you.

Julie and I are eating delicious cakes.

Mark is carrying the backpack to his girlfriend.

Bill is listening to pop music.