Complete teh text with the simple past form of the verb. in parentheses.
Lucy___(arrive) at chloes on saturado
They___(watch) tv and___(play) computer games. They also___(go) to a party. Lucy___(meet) emily. They___(sit) and___(talk) all evening. They are now good friends. Lucy___(be) very happy when she___(leave) chloes house. She___(wave) goodbye to chloe.

Deveria ser "on Saturday" e não "on saturado"? :)
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Lucy arrived at Chloe's on saturado
They watched tv and played computer games. They also went to a party. Lucy met Emily. They sat and talked all evening. They are now good friends. Lucy was very happy when she left Chloe's house. She waved goodbye to Chloe.
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