me dem por favor quatro frases de frases afirmative setences,interrogativa setences e negative setences.Tipo assim;sujeito+can+not+verbo+complemento nas negativas.afirmativas;sujeito+can+verbo+complemento.interrogativa; ajudem.



I can not live here
we can't do it
she can not work in library 
they can not watch tv after lunch
I can  buy the car
we can sing it
he can play guitar
you can fly like me

Can I help you?
Can we go at job intervew?
Can you give me the card?
Can a dog stay here?

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Affirmative: Linda can cook very well/ I can make my own bed/ Joe can speak French/ My mom can clean the house.
Interrogative: Can your sister walk? Can Joseph speak Spanish?/ Can you do your homework?/ Can our mom cook dinner?
Negative: My baby brother can not walk/ Rachel can not have a boyfriend/ Lucas can't speak Italian/ My dad can not clean his own car.