Para perguntar a nacionalidade de uma pessoa se usa a palavra from :where are your from? traduzindo  de onde é voce :)
Aa .. Isso Foi Muito Util ..Vlw(:
Peter: Hi, Jack!
Jack: Hi, Tom! How are you doing?
Peter: All right.Let me introduce you my cousin Pierre.He's from France.
Jack: Hello,Pierre.Nice to meet you.
Pierre: Nice to meet you too.
Jack: Are you French Pierre?
Pierre: No, I'm not. I'm Canadian.
Jack: But you have a French Canada people speak English,isn't it?
Pierre: In some places in Canada people talk English but in other places people talk French . English and French are both spoken in Canada.
But my mother is Belgium and she was the one who chose my name.
Jack: Ah! I' m understanding now.
         Well, I have to go friends. See you!
Pierre and Tom: See you!