John: Hey Kat.
Katerine: Hi John. How are you?
John: I'm fine, and you? I missed you here. Where's you been?
Katerine: I'm fine too. Well, I traveled to Germain! It's a amazing country.
John: Really? So cool! next week I'll to Brazil. My mom lives here.
Katerine: Oh, I hear that Brazil is very beautiful and colorful.
John: Yep, I hear too. But and Germain? How is here? So cold?
Katerine: Yeah, very cold. The germans are so nice. 
John: Cool. Uhm, Kat, I need to go but we can talk after right?
Katerine: No problem dear! I see you later.
Where's you been não está correto. Where have you been? é o correto. Não é Germain é Germany. Next week I'll (falta a palavra GO) go to Brazil.I hear(FLATA A PALAVRA it) it too.
Paula: Excuse me!
Peter: Yes...
Paula: Can you tell me where is the nearest supermarket?
Peter: Sure. Go on by this street and turn left  in the second cross.It's next to the Bank.
Paula: Thank you.
Peter: Sorry for questioning. You're not English, are you?
Paula: No, I'm not. I 'm Brazilian. How did you know?
Peter: Because of your accent.It's different.
Paula: Of course, what else.....
Peter: I'm not English too....
Paula:What nationality are you?
Peter: I´m Australian. But I live here since I was a child.My father is American and my mother is Venezuelan.
Paula: are a multinational family.
Peter: Yes, we really are......
Paula: Well, I need to go now. Tanks for your help. Bye!
Peter: Bye!

Cuidado com esses erros!!!!!!!
Não é aqui que tem erros.Me equivoquei.È na outra resposta.Indiquei as correcções, se optar pelo outro diálogo.