I love my friends
I want to travel to China
She loves Ricardo 
I am going to play soccer with you
My mother cooks very well 
She is singing Michael Jackson

I study in a private college and work on a restaurant as a waitress to pay for my student loans.

A car is parked outside my house and it's window is open and it started to rain, i'm affraid the car seats will get wet.

The admission letter was sent to his daughter as she waited hopelessly for the acceptance results.

They ringed the doorbell of the neighboor's house but he didn't answer it until his dog started barking at the doorsteps.

Jack and Tyler travelled on a plane to the Maldives to start a research about biology and marine animals for their course final assignment.

I've just arrived from Paris and brought a lot of clothes and other products to give as a christmas gift to each person of my close family.