Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps .use simple present in the statements on the affrmative,negative and make questions.

1)we _____our dog(to call)
2) Emma ____in the lessons.(to dream)
3) They _____at birds (to looks)
4)John _____home from school.(to come)
5 I______my friends .(to meet)
6)He ___________________the laptop .(to repair)
7) Walter and frank_____hello (to say)
8) The cat ______under the tree.(to sit)
9)You ____________water.(to drink)
10)She _______________the lunchbox.(to forget)



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1) we call our dog
2) Emma dreams in the lessons
3) They look at the birds
4) John comes home from the school
5) I meet my friends
6) He repairs the laptop
7) Walter and Frank say hello
8) The cat sits under the tree
9) you drink water
10) she forgets the lunch box.